I want to be a seller in 3DK Render

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I want to be a seller in 3DK Render

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If you are a creator of 3D content and want to use our Market Place to sell your products, thank you and welcome!

What obligations do I have as a seller?

Registering as a seller is automatic and has no cost; is totally free.

The Market Place is not the owner of the products that the sellers put on the sale; belong at all times to their own creators. The most important obligation that a seller demands is to collaborate with the team of testers and attend to their requests; the more quality the product has, the more benefit we will get out of it all; Market Place, vendors and customers.

What does 3DK Render offer me as a seller?

The Market Place has been created as a help tool for those who can not have their own shop on the Internet.

In addition to the structure and functionality of Market Place itself, 3DK Render provides other vendors with support tools such as the affiliate program or external media advertising campaigns. It also puts at the disposal of the salesmen a team of testers who will make sure that their products go on sale in the best conditions of satisfaction for the clients.

In return the Market Place charges for each sale a variable commission that is summarized below:
  • 45% for normal sellers
  • 35% for Top Sellers
The cost of the affiliate program and advertising in other media is carged to the Market Place.

Who puts the prices of the products?

In principle 3DK Render allows the seller to price their products; No one better than he knows how to value his work. 3DK Render reserves the right to modify the prices (previous notice) if it observes any behavior that could compromise the functionality and / or coexistence of Market Place, such as techniques of unfair competition to unjustifiably devalue its own products or other sellers.

Will there be bids on my items? How will they affect me?

3DK Render will not make any offer with products that have not been offered for this purpose by the sellers in the cases that are requested, and always voluntarily, as it could be some seasonal event like Halloween, Christmas, etc.

As a general rule the offers are put by the sellers and they decide in what percentage.

The commission charged by 3DK Render is always on the final price, ie: Let's take a product with a cost of € 10 from a normal vendor to which a commission of 45%
  • Normal sale: Cost 10 € = € 4.5 for Market Place (45%) + 5.5 € for seller (55%)
  • 30% discount: Cost € 7 = € 3.15 for Market Place (45%) + € 3.85 for the seller (55%)
How do affiliates affect me?

If your sale has come from an affiliate link, 3DK Render will pay the affiliate 5% of the sale in this way:
  • Normal sale: Cost 10 € = € 4 for Market Place (40%) + 5.5 € for seller (55%) + 0.5 € for affiliate (5%)
  • 30% discount: Cost 7 € = € 2.8 for Market Place (40%) + 3.85 € for the seller (55%) + 0.35 € for the affiliate (5%)
As you see, affiliates only affect you by increasing your sales potential.

How do I register as a seller?

You can do this when you create your account for the first time or from your control panel "My Account" if you already have your account created.

You will be asked for the "Company name", which will be the name as a seller that your customers will see.

How do I manage my store within Market Place?

The information regarding the publication and management of the articles for sale is explained in the exclusive forum for sellers.

Good luck and may the fortune be with you!

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