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Party Monster Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)

The perfect outfit for your inner Party Monster!! An 8 piece clothing set comprising of a Top, Tube Top, Tutu, Panty, Suspenders, Leggings, Boots and Leg Fluffies. With 9 vibrant and fun mix and match base colours plus a range of emissive options to really light up the room! Get It Add-ons for this product.…

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RAVE! Jewelry for Genesis 8 Female(s)

RAVE! is an Emissive Jewelery and Accessories set for the Genesis 8 Females to turn your characters into PARTY ANIMALS!! This set consists of 3 sets of Earrings, Glow Stick Necklace, Glow Tube Necklace*, Bracelets*, Belly Bar*, Hula Hoop PROP and Glow Sticks PROPS. Get it Also includes 8 emissive colour options, Leather, Metals &…