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Camera and Composition in DAZ: In the eye of the storm

Posted by admin 06/03/2018 0 Comment(s) Be Creative, Learning and Tips,

In one scene, the camera is the eye of the beholder. Through the lens, the viewer has to feel part of the story, has to feel emotion, fear, fun or what the artist intends to convey.


We will take as an example a hunting scene with several amazons harassing a beast. We place the 4 figures on the stage and add an "Out of the Box" camera.


Two amazonas attack with sword; very close to the beast. The third huntress uses his magic, so he attacks from a greater distance. If we try to frame all the elements we could have a scene like this:



Now let's look at the scene from above.



Wow, there seems to be a lot of fear among this amazonas! And look where the camera is. The viewer will be comfortably seated on his couch with popcorn. And that is not what we want. We would like the viewer to feel the tension of the hunt, the fear, the roar of the beast. We want him to sit in the eye of the storm and have all the action happen around him. Maybe we have to get closer ...



Opss! If we get too close we lose part of the amazons!



Now is when we are going to play with the focal length of the camera. Thanks to the focal length we can simulate the opening or closing of the camera's viewing angle. If we reduce the focal length our radius of vision increases and if we increase the focal length, the angle of vision is reduced. But beware! If we reduce too much, a lot of distortion occurs. In an action scene a bit of distortion is good; it increases the drama. The normal length is 65. For this scene, I have reduced the focal length to 35.


Also, I have tilted the horizontal plane of the camera (Shift + Ctrl + MMB and move mouse). This adds more drama to the scene. Let's see the result:




Better? What do you think?


The next step will be the lighting. See you later!

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