How to create a 3DK Render account?

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How to create a 3DK Render account?

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Wed Sep 27, 2017 6:41 pm

If you intend to create an account at first of all: Welcome and thank you very much for being able to count on you!

Why do I need an account at

It is necessary to create a user account if you are going to use any of these tools on our website:
  • Client: To be able to buy items in the store and access the downloads.
  • Affiliate: In order to benefit from our affiliate program and monetize your publications (illustrations, blogs, etc).
  • Vendor: To be able to place your creations in our showcase and offer them to the clients.
Let's go there!

First thing to know: having an account at is totally free.

To create an account, whether buyer, seller or affiliate, you must click on the "Register" link in the top menu of the website.

We will have to fill in the user card shown below. Fields marked with (*) are required. It is very important to indicate an authentic email in order to receive messages from the store.
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I recommend you subscribe to the Newsletter; I promise that I will try not to be too heavy and send you only the information that may interest you.

At the bottom of the tab we can register as a seller, as we will explain in another post.

Once completed the tab is mandatory check the box indicating that you agree to the "Privacy Policy".

If you click on the "Continue" button and if there are no errors in the tab, the account will be created and you will already be inside the store. You will see your name in the top menu of the web.

If you click on your name you can access your User Control Panel (My Account). From this panel you can access the following tools:
  • View / Modify your data, address, password ...
  • Access purchase history and downloadable file listings.
  • Include your account in the affiliate program.
  • Manage your subscription to the Newsletter.
  • Sign up as a seller
  • Exit (logout)
What about the forum and the gallery?

In order to use the forum and the gallery another registration is required, in this case shared by both platforms; the forum account is also valid in the gallery and the login process is automatic.


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