How does the affiliation program works?

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How does the affiliation program works?

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Who can be a 3DK Render affiliate?

Anyone who wants. You do not need to ask permission.
The program is mainly aimed at those who make illustrations with store products, whether of "promos" or personal artistic creations. But anyone can also be affiliated with a public space on the Internet where they place links to 3DK Render pages.

How does the 3DK Render affiliate program work?

In many occasions, when we make an illustration and we use store products, we accompany at the foot of the photo some information of those materials as the creator's name and a link to his Store.
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Now, as an affiliate, you can include a personal tracking code on the published links and, thanks to them, if someone makes a purchase through your links, you will earn a commission on the sale.

What commission can I earn with my links?

The commission is 5% of the final sale price of the product purchased.
For example, if the product is worth € 10, your commission will be € 0.5, but if the product has a discount of 40% and its final price is € 6, your commission will be 5% of € 6, ie , 0.3 €.

Where do I get my commissions?

The amount of the commissions will be paid in the balance of your account. You can use that balance as a direct discount on your future purchases in 3DK Render.

Can I get the money back from my affiliate balance?

If at the end of the month your available balance exceeds 30 € will be credited to the PayPal account that you indicated in the registry.

How to get links

Once you have created your user account, go to your user panel (Click on your name at the top of the page).
In the panel you can register as an affiliate where it says "Register for an affiliate account"

Complete the registration data. The only valid current payment method is through PayPal

Now, from "My Account", in the "My Affiliate Account" section you can access the "Custom affiliate tracking code" option.

In the dialog that is shown you will see in the first box your "Tracking Code". This alphanumeric string is unique and belongs to you alone.

Let's see how to generate the links.

In the next box, "Tracking link generator", you must select the article of the store that you want to refer. Placing the mouse pointer displays a list of several items. You can also write some letters of the article name so that the "autocomplete" tool locates the article.

Once the article is selected, in the lower box, "Traking link", the direct link to that article is shown.
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Finally, using a text editor, you only need to join the generated link with your tracking code:

Code: Select all
and add that link in the foot of your artwork or wherever you want.

With this gesture you help the creator of the product and you help yourself ;)

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